Match a Number Release Date

Hey All,
As the title says its Match a Number Release Date on 14 November :D YaaaaaaaY :D which is next Thursday :D YaaaaaaaaY :D I hope you are excited as I am too :) The game will be for 0.99$ for the launch week then return to its price which is 1.99$


The game will feature 3 modes and Thanks to Danny Day from QCFDesign for making the 3rd mode (Multiplayer) happens :) without him I will never though about it at all.


Also today GameJolt contest started and the theme is PARTY and there is lots of prizes to get and my two commercial games (Atomic+ and Match a Number) are part of the prizes too with amazing games by my favorite indie developers.

That’s everything for now I hope you are all waiting like me for the release day :)

Bye Bye

My LudumDare 27 entry: Match A Number

Hey All,
Sorry for being away and not writing here or doing any activities or not having any released games since Atomic (end of April) but sorry again for that I was in very bad mood and bad situations but I promise you, that lots of releases are soon because I have been working on some long term projects and they are almost finished so stay tuned ;)

I participated in past LudumDare 27 to release a new game but I had only 10 hours to make a game so I didn’t think about an idea I chose an old idea I had and implemented it. The result is Match A Number is out with two versions the LudumDare is very difficult because I restricted the timing to 10 seconds (to cop with the theme) but since the game had nice way to play so I made a relaxed version with more time and uploaded it to my beloved 3 portals

Go try it and don’t forget to rate my game on LudumDare. That’s everything for now don’t worry will post more frequent.

Bye Bye

Clean’Em Up Anniversary

Hi All,
Long time since I post last time here but I was mainly suffering from depression and being busy and other mental issues and some family problems (Problem Cocktail :D).

Yesterday was 1 year anniversary for the release of Clean’Em Up (as it was released on 22/6/2012) since there is no more sales or downloads for demo and my intention is always to have more people playing my games so I figure out to make Clean’Em Up Free to Play so more people can play it yaaaaay :)

You can download it directly from

I wanted to write a postmortem with the anniversary but I was busy so I didn’t do it but I will do it soon :)

That’s everything for now.

Bye Bye

Atomic a New game in 48hours

Hey All,

I just finished and published my new game Atomic (was made for the GameDesign Workshop by Mario Von RickenBach). The game is inspired by Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon at same time (and for sure inspired from my game Chaotic).

Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time. It’s easy one button game so go try it. It’s now on my three amazing sites

That’s everything for now. See you next time.

Bye Bye

Loss: New game made for GameTako Zanga

Hey All,

I have finished a small game made for GameTako Zanga with Samer Abbas (Middle East Gamejam) called Loss (the theme of the gamejam was Lost) the game is just an expression about some stuffs I suffered during my life and still happening to me.

The game is now online on

Hope you like the game and that’s everything for now.

Bye Bye

Alone in the Park on Portals and ArmorGames

Hey All,
Alone in the Park is now on ArmorGames and on MochiGames and on Kongregate and GameJolt :) and it got featured on MochiGames and GameJolt on the release which was cool :) I know the game didn’t do well on ArmorGames but it is still a nice milestone for me to have a game on ArmorGames :)

That’s everything for now, I know its not much but I wanted to tell you all about that :)

P.S: If you following me on twitter (@amidos2006) you probably knew all that before the post :D

Bye Bye

Simple Love my First Global Game Jam entry

Hey All,
Long time as usual (my traditional intro) since the last post :) but I am so busy these days, although I managed to enter the Global Game Jam for the first time :D YaaaaaaY :D

Since the Theme was Heart Beating and I always wanted to make a love game and romance one (although I am not romantic person but I always love Romance Comedy Movies) so it was the time to create one.

I think words and music and environment are the ones that stimulates emotions in the player so I thought a lot how to make the game feels nice and amazing till I got the idea of playing with words and making worlds have shapes of hearts.

Since I never like text games because it contains lots of text and words so I want to keep text as minimum as possible (also I am not a good writer).

Due to all that Simple Love is made and here the Link to its Global Game Jam page. Also I managed today to make a version of the game to

That’s everything for now Hope I can release finish some of the games on my list soon (I hope so)

Bye Bye

Evil Goat New Game & it’s Walkthrough

Hey All,
I know its a bit late as usual to tell you about my new game Evil Goat which is made for LudumDare25 (You are a Villain).

For sure you knew from twitter about it when I was making it but I was a bit busy to post here about it and at same time I wanted to post here after sometime so I can test every level and be sure the minimum is correct in each level.

Thanks to Aro769, MadMath, Guzah, Fake-Zarkel, DrominEcho, keharriso on Newgrounds for helping me to correct the minimum of most of the levels.

Here is Timelapse for me about LudumDare (frame rate is 3 frames per second and I captured around 4 frames in hour so the video is short due to that)

The game is now uploaded on

Last thing but don’t use it unless you are totally stuck is a Walkthrough for the game

Level 1 – 1/1: U
Level 2 – 2/2: UD
Level 3 – 3/3: RUL
Level 4 – 9/9: RLURDULDR
Level 5 – 14/14: RURDLDDRDLLDLU
Level 6 – 4/4: DRLU
Level 7 – 11/11: URULRDRDLDD
Level 9 – 7/7: RLDRUDL
Level 11 -5/5 RURLD

Hope you like the game and enjoy it :) That’s everything for now :)

Bye Bye