MindHunter BetaV0.25

Hey All,

Some of my friends tried the game and told me that the controlling scheme is difficult so I thought of easying the control scheme.

The control scheme:
– OnlyPress SpaceBar then click on the object using the mouse directly
– After you controled any Object the focus is send to the controlled object

Also I corrected the some bugs that was happening:
– If you release the enemy while he is invisible he is still invisible
– Killing Controlled Enemy with bullet cause a crash
– Gravity aspects in the box and bomb
– Bullets Speed
– Reload Time for enemy fire is fast

Also I added the SFX to the Game

The Newer Version Link is: MindHunter

Alpha Release of MindHunter

Hey All,

I just finished yesterday the alpha version of the game it doesn’t contain Music nor SFX.

About the SFX tomorrow I will finish a version containing the SFX. Then I will wait for Fuzion Creative to make the music and attach it to game + he will fix some bugs he found while testing

The game contain 27 levels + 6 tutorial levels so ENJOY!!!

So All whom reading this plz test the game for me and report me either by mail or a comment about the error in the following format:

1-Sequence: Caused the error
2-Level: Where the error happens
3-Error: The error msg itself

Hope you find the game intersting and good as a puzzle game.

The Link for Alpha Release: MindHunter

Mind Hunter Game

Hey All,

When I was young I kept dreaming for being a game developper and when I was at 13 years old I made a game called Kanfooz : Come to rescue which is a sonic game but I made him can where suits which fire and other that can fly and some levels he ride a jetski inorder to rescue his beloved kimbry. and I made the game using GameMaker 4 I think.

Click on image to go to its link on yoyogames
But in my countery there is no computer art institues to go so I am studing at faculty of engineering computer department.
When I first entered the department I thought that I might achieve my dream and become a game developper. So in first year I used C++ and made a game called MindHunter it was the best game between all my friends but the problem is that i didnt comment the code so i can’t now understand it and due to time limit I didnt make a tutorial in the game as its idea was totally new and original.
Afterwards I tried using DirectX to make a game but it was totally disaster. due to leaking of meshes its extension .x on the net.
Due to college and lots of subject and project that i didnt like at all I couldn’t continue as a game developper + I dont want to work alone all day but no one of my friends want to work with me using GameMaker and every year in vacation I told myself i will do a game using GameMaker as I am know more experienced but i dont continue and I had lots and tons of unfinished games.
Till this year I told myself I must make a remake to mind hunter where people can play it. I started and began to be depressed but when I know about Bee Game Competition I told myself I must participate and people must know about my ideas.
I started to search for someone to make the soundfx and music of the game i posted on gmc forums but with no hope till I was writing on Vertigo gaming (one of the best indie developper I see) blog
He was making a new game so I decide to tell him about the competition so as to participate with it and I was asking him if he can help me in music and soundfx.

One of the reader of the blog which is fuzion_creative told me he can help me in those stuff so I am totally happy for that. By the way Fuzion Creative have beautiful games Try it if you have time.
At the end I am an indie developper who have lots of ideas for games and gameplay which may be good that some people try it.

Here some picture of the game :)

When the game is finish I will puplish it on my yoyogames profile and here in blog I will say also in Fuzion Creative profile :)