NewImageI am Ahmed Abdel Samea Khalifa known as “Amidos“, I am game designer and teacher assistant at Cairo University. I have been making video games since I was 12 years old.

Since I was kid and I was fond of videogames and I always wanted to make my own company and create games. At that day “Amidos” was born, I spent hours surfing the internet (using Modem) for how to create videogames and all I found is codes and stuffs I don’t understand, till one day I found GameMaker by Mark Overmars.

I played with GameMaker a lot to make games but I always failed (it was not easy for me to follow tutorials written in English because its not my main language) till one day I insisted to create a game and spent all my entire summer vacation playing with GameMaker and at that time “Kanfooz: Come to Rescue” was created. I was so happy for creating it, I thought my family will be happy and encourage me but all what happens is saying “Good now go study or do something useful” also my friends at school when I told to them they never give a shit which depressed me and stopped me from creating games for about 5 years (when I started going to college).

I returned to create games again after my first project at college which was a game called “Mind Hunter” which was inspired by “Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee” and people at college loved it which gave me the courage to start create games again. At that time I was started to be in love with indie games and stopped AAA titles, and I knew that I want to create something new, something amazing, something that affect in people’s life, something indie, something have a meaning for me before a meaning to people.

I created lots of games since then most of them created at GameJams, some of them are good and some are shit. I started with 2 friends of mine (Ahmed Saker & Mohammed Safwat) an initiative for creating a game developing community in Egypt (Game Developers Front) but we need to dedicate more time for that. I helped in organizing GameJams in Cairo with my friends (Ahmed Saker & Mohammed Safwat) and call people for participating with the help of GameTako.

I only wish to keep developing more games with time (better ones for sure) and I can get enough money from them to make it a full time job, also I wish that a game of mine gets nominated as a finalist in famous competition (like IGF).